Vogue Feature: "Pro Surfer, Model, and Hawaii Native Koa Smith Shares His Guide to Oahu"

Koa Smith Vogue Feature | Brother Nature

One of our founding brothers, Koa Smith, was recently profiled in Vogue Magazine. Vogue asked Koa to share his favorite places to eat, party and chill on Oahu. Check out this excerpt and then head over to Vogue for the full write up.


"The exchange is made all the more unexpected by the fact that Smith is sitting at the Sunrise Shack—a Crayola-yellow snack stand he opened recently with his two older brothers, Alex and Travis—wearing a Hurley T-shirt and hat and a wire-wrapped crystal necklace, clearly very much in his element, as mentally distanced from the fashion establishment as he is geographically. The wind is cutting and the waves, breaking barely 100 yards in front of us, rattle the picnic table."

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