We're Live! Brother Nature is officially launched!

Our goal at Brother Nature is to make it easier to find optimal health in this modern world. We’ve teamed up with @dustindillberg to create the products and biohacks that have helped us elevate our own lives. We are excited to go on this evolving journey with all of you.

Taking our three Brother Nature stacks consistently has helped us gain a new level of health and energy on the road, and takes stress away from needing to live and eat perfectly all the time. It’s allowed us to not need to focus so much on living perfectly healthy everyday so we can focus more on living life fully and getting shit done!

BN founder Alex Smith (@alexsmith_), oldest of the Smith Brothers is a professional surfer, world traveler, healthy chef and concept creator. “My favorite health hack in 2018 is Transcendental Meditation. It’s my guarantee for mental clarity, idea flow and maintaining a higher perspective on the present moment.” -@alexsmith_

BN founder Travis Smith (@triggtrav) is the middle bro of the Smith clan. He spent the past 6 years modeling internationally and is now living in Hawai‘i running his business at the @sunriseshack. “My favorite health hack of 2018 is eating food that comes straight from the earth. Eating foods from nature have more energy and overall nutrients. I don't believe in processed foods or company's that have all these different ingredients that try to reenact what natures already provides. Follow nature, eat from our Mother Earth 🌏🙏🏽🌳🌿” -@triggtrav

BN founder Koa Smith (@koasmith) is the youngest of the Smith gang. Koa is a pipeline specialist, influencer and creator of the @sunriseshack on the North Shore of Oahu. ““My favorite health hack is Z Ice bath! It’s helps me erase any negative feelings in my body and mind. It’s changed my life over the past year and I can’t wait to share this experience with you all.” -@koasmith

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