World Surf League - "Koa Smith Ups the Buzz-Factor on the North Shore"

Koa and Travis Smith serve coffee at The Sunrise Shack | Brother Nature

The Smith Brothers and their new business, The Sunrise Shack, were profiled by the World Surf League this week while the Vans Triple Crown was on Lay Day. Koa talked about he and his brother's double lives as free surfers and coffee connoisseurs. Check out the full article on the World Surf League's website.

"Koa Smith is known more as a freesurfer than a coffee connoisseur. But that might soon be changing. Just a few weeks ago, the North Shore transplant, along with with his brothers, Travis and Alex, and friend, Koa Rothman, opened the Sunrise Shack, a one-stop-shop for a pre-surf snack or jolt of caffeine, spiked with natural fats -- the growing trend known as Bulletproof coffee. Cleverly, they opened their stand across the bridge from Sunset, just in time for the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing."

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